The mayor of Baraboi, Dondușeni, Leonid Cotorcea, says he is delighted with Norway’s support for his municipality. Thanks to a programme developed as a result of cooperation between the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova (CALM), the Land Relations and Cadastre Agency (ARFC) and the Norwegian Mapping Agency, the municipality of this rural community has become the beneficiary of an efficient technique that contributes to improving the development process of the locality.

The local elected representative says he can now more easily carry out the inventory of assets with the identification of geographical positions and, last but not least, the demarcation of publicly owned land. “Previously we had outdated computer technology and it was much more complicated to activate.”

Valeriu Damian, a specialist in land ownership regulation, confirms that the computer technology is very good, except that the printer cannot be refilled and there are no others on the market. “It would be good if CALM could help us find a joint solution so that we can continue to use these printers.”

According to the official, the Baraboi municipality, within the framework of the land registration and evaluation project, financed by the World Bank, is carrying out all the activities much more easily, thanks to the advanced technology provided by the Norwegian people. “We hope that after the implementation of this program the number of errors will be substantially reduced and the new technology will help us to be able to continuously update the data on the land fund in our locality.”

Until the mass registration of privately owned land has been completed, with the technology received as a gift, but also thanks to access to central databases, the local public authorities of Baraboi will be able to identify the boundaries of properties as accurately as possible.

“We attended two training sessions, organised as part of the project, to get  learn how QGIS works. It is good that they took place, but the limited time we have and the need to accumulate more knowledge makes us believe that the development of a Training and Assistance Centre in this field, within CALM, would facilitate the capacity building of local public authorities in Baraboi, but also in other localities of the Republic of Moldova.”