The municipality of Căinari has been equipped with high-performance technology that facilitates the work of local civil servants. According to Mayor Maria Ghelan, the town’s local public administration is already solving problems much more efficiently, including citizens not having to wait long to obtain a certificate or other information.

Polina Bargan, a specialist in land tenure regulation at the municipality, confirms that the high-performance computer and multifunctional printer provided by the Norwegian Mapping Agency Statens Kartverket helps her a lot in her work. “Right now I have the map open on one monitor and on another monitor I am filling in some of the data needed for a questionnaire to assess the socio-economic and environmental conditions of LPAs.  Other times I work with other documents and in parallel I search the map for the necessary data. Now the tasks we have are much quicker than before. The map is always open on a screen and I use it frequently, including when issuing certificates, checking information that citizens request, if economic agents are interested in certain land, etc.”

Polina Bargan participated in training courses on the use of QGIS. “We learned how to use this program, too bad we don’t have enough time for it. However, in order not to forget what we have learned, I plan to make at least one or two maps regularly. The program will also be very useful for us when making maps of street lighting, existing fountains, rubbish bins, rubbish dumps etc. If we only did our own work it would be much easier, but you know that there is a shortage of specialists in municipalities and we often have to carry out other tasks.”

The technical equipment of the town hall of Căinari was carried out within the project “Maps for sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by the Norwegian Mapping Agency Statens Kartverket, in cooperation with the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova and the Land Relations and Cadastre Agency.