Officials of the Comrat municipality have more opportunities to improve their performance in carrying out their duties, thanks to the support provided by the Kingdom of Norway within the project “Maps for sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova”. The project is the result of cooperation between the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova (CALM), the Land Relations and Cadastre Agency and the Mapping Agency of Norway.

The Deputy Mayor of Comrat, Gheorghii Sarî, was delighted with the high-performance technology received in this partnership. “This achievement has facilitated the work of our municipality employees. Employees no longer lose their eyesight at small and unproductive screens. It’s easy to work with any kind of sketches, documents needed for committee meetings, municipal council meetings, etc.”

In addition to strengthening professional skills in the use of QGIS, the municipality of Comrat has developed its own solutions for publishing and sharing thematic maps and local datasets. In this sense, the obtained technique further facilitates the process of integrating the Comrat municipality into the national spatial data infrastructure, not only as a user, but also as a provider of such data.  The Deputy Mayor says that previously, due to the lack of possibility to store information in digital format, the entire database of the municipality was lost, which affected the work of this authority. “Now, thanks to this support, the whole set of documents is prepared in digital form, with the possibility of archiving them. This has improved the quality of work by 100%. Now specialists do not run around in offices, do not think about where to go to print out documents, where to prepare such a document format for the work of the Council or other structures, but they can do everything in their office at their office without much effort. Our specialists already feel they are working at a different level.”

Gheorghii Sarî also claims that in the process of delimitation, the specialists of the Comrat municipality are able to print documents, plans with a high degree of accuracy, both in the process of providing services to citizens and in the decision-making process, but also in the relationship with other public and private entities. “We are very grateful to Norway and CALM for improving the quality of our work. Before there were more objections from citizens, in the municipality council, in the specialized commissions, because there was not all the necessary set of documents, and the specialists did not have much to prepare it with and we could not have high demands from them. Now, the meetings of the municipal council already take place without conflicts when land issues are discussed. We have really forgotten about these problems.”