Tareuca commune in Rezina district is a beneficiary of technical assistance under the partnership between the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova CALM, the Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre (ALRC) and the Norwegian Mapping Agency.

Mayor Ghenadie Gaidibadi says that the project provides for equipping municipalities with high-performance technology and developing their institutional capacities. “The technique we had before was very old and you couldn’t do much with it. With the help of the programme supported by the Kingdom of Norway we are able to use centrally available cartographic material and spatial datasets in the administrative process. In addition to the high-performance computer, we also got a multifunctional printer that allows us to scan and print maps, plans and diagrams needed in local government work.”

Also thanks to Norwegian support, land tenure specialists have been trained on how to use QGIS in the administrative processes of the LPA. The mayor of Taréuca says that this is a new opportunity for better management of the property that municipalities have.

 “Among the first projects we want to carry out, as a result of the implementation of this programme, is the inventory of land available for greening our localities. We have several eroded lands on which we want to plant forest vegetation. We also had cases where, in the absence of adequate technical equipment and cartographic materials, it was difficult to support entrepreneurs who wanted to implement investment projects for which they needed land from the municipality. If we had demarcated public property on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit, the offer for entrepreneurs would have been much more predictable.”

Țareuca municipality is 25% gasified, has water supply for about 60-70% of inhabitants and 100% street lighting. The local mayor notes that the lack of mapping of these building infrastructure items complicates the management and development of municipal public services. “Using the technique and applying the knowledge gained in the process of training our specialists, we aim to improve the planning process of utilities provision related to public services next year. We want to have our own information systems in the municipalities. We would also learn to work with them, it would be much easier to operate and we would exclude a lot of bureaucracy.”

Ghenadie Gaidibadi is convinced that an adequately equipped mapping service will enable the Tareuca territorial administrative unit to support other neighbouring localities that have not benefited from technical assistance in this project. Moreover, using the inter-community cooperation instrument, the specialist for the regulation of land property within the Tareuca municipality has already started such work.”

Valentina Cojocari, the specialist for land property regulation at the Tareuca municipality, Rezina, is grateful to the donors because the process has become easier and more efficient. “Now I can use several programs and I am very grateful for the help that Norway has offered us.  Today it is getting harder and harder to manage without technology. We used to have more maps and plans in analogue format, but it was much harder to solve people’s problems. Citizens ask for different information on the spatial positioning of the boundaries of their properties, the location of other objects, taking into account different features of the terrain and the location of infrastructure objects.”

According to employees of the Tareuca LPA, the technique offered by the Norwegian people helps to improve the process of providing public administrative services.

“The training carried out as part of this project allowed us to discover new horizons in our work process.”