The Iargara municipality in the Leova district has new opportunities to modernise public services thanks to support from the Kingdom of Norway. In the framework of the cooperation between the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova (CALM), the Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre (ALRC) and the Norwegian Mapping Agency, about 150 municipalities in the Republic of Moldova have been equipped with high-performance technology that will facilitate the work of officials in these LPAs.

The mayor of Iargara Eugeniu Mutaf believes that this will make it easier for the specialists in land ownership regulation to record the results expected by citizens. “We are glad that we have high-performance computers and colour printers and we can already see the efficiency in the work process of these specialists. Interaction with the Public Services Agency and other state authorities has become more productive.”

The local mayor specified that they are currently at the reception stage of the water supply system of the community, including the execution plans of the items related to this service. “This technique, as well as the knowledge gained by our specialists, will allow better management of this system through digital record-keeping and continuous updating of data on the objects we manage. The human resources in our municipality are limited compared to the many competences and tasks we have. The technology we have received as a gift from Norway will help land regulation specialists to cope with more tasks.”

According to Eugeniu Mutaf, the use of high-performance technology is a determining factor for good local governance.

Dorina Hasan, a specialist in land property regulation at the Iargara municipality, Leova, confirms that the assistance that LPAs have received is very necessary for all localities. “It is a forward-looking initiative and if we manage to accumulate more knowledge in this area, then things will move much faster.” In this regard, Dorina Hasan expressed her hope that further trainings will be organised so that LPA specialists can make full use of the high-performance technology.

As the Iargara municipality is implementing a project to provide the locality with water and sewerage, the specialist in the field of land ownership regulation believes that thanks to the Norwegian support, the management of public property will become much more effective.