Representatives of the State Chancellery, the Parliament, and the national association of local authorities – CALM, supported by the Congress of the Council of Europe, unanimously agreed on the path towards institutionalised dialogue with and consultation of local authorities in the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting held on 17 October 2023 in Chisinau, all stakeholders recognised that a formalised consultation mechanism would ensure the involvement of local authorities in the implementation of reforms. They agreed to jointly propose relevant legislative amendments in this regard. This will reinforce the country’s efforts to fulfil its obligations as a Council of Europe member State and sustain the EU accession process.

The event was organised in the framework of the project “Reinforcing the culture of dialogue and ethical open local governance in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities as part of the Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova (2021-2024). The project aims to strengthen the dialogue between local and central authorities and support the improvement of the quality of local governance through integrity, corruption prevention, open government, public ethics, gender equality and migration management at local level.