Local public authorities, businesses and hometown associations from 24 communities will implement ambitious projects to boost their local economies.

Today, during an online grants’ awarding event, UNDP Moldova and Switzerland announced the list of communities that will benefit from support to develop pro-business communities. Thus, each of the 24 communities will receive up to US$60,000 each based on the 50% + 50% principle (the local contribution must be at least half of the total value of the project).

“These projects are part of a broader Socio-Economic Response and Recovery framework, implemented together with our strategic partners. In fact, by combining the elements of ‘local economic development’ and ‘migrants driven development’, the projects which we are launching today represent an innovative model and a post-crisis recovery solution for the local communities of Moldova,” said Dima Al-Khatib, Resident Representative, UNDP Moldova.

The total amount of the 24 grants offered is $4.8 million, of which about $1.5 million was provided by Switzerland, and $3.3 million will be local contributions.

“This project perfectly reflects the Swiss approach towards the things done in Moldova. Such projects enhance the well-being of Moldovan people and cohesion of the Moldovan society, but first and foremost, they create more development and job creation opportunities. Only in such a way we bring more hope to the Moldovan communities for a better life, that is much needed particularly during these complicated times,” mentioned Caroline Tissot, Director of Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova.

The hometown associations, that ensure the cohesion between the local partners and the mobilization of the diaspora into collective actions for local economic recovery, will also be part of the economic projects.

“Creating bridges between diaspora and community members is absolutely necessary. Only in this way we will succeed in developing the Moldovan business, but also in attracting our fellow citizens from abroad to create beautiful businesses at home,” highlighted Valeriu Turea, Head of Diaspora Relations Bureau.

By the end of 2022, 12 tourist routes and recreational offers, four post-harvest infrastructure units, three business centers and industrial parks, two centers for recycling and economic use of waste, as well as livestock businesses will be created in the 24 communities. In total, the launch of more than 50 businesses and the extension of 48 existing businesses will result in over 1,000 jobs created.

“In Borogani there are nine meat and milk producers, who own 800 sheep and 40 cows. Thanks to UNDP guidance, we have already set up the milk producers’ association and concluded contracts with a milk processing factory. Next, we want to implement modern technologies in the milk production, purchase breeding stock, set up a centralized milk collection facility and install photovoltaic panels to power the sheepfolds with electricity. Thus, we will increase both the productivity and the quality of Borogani brand dairy products,” said Elena Savitchi, Borogani Mayor (Leova).

Those 24 grant beneficiary communities were selected as part of a competition among the 35 partner communities of the UNDP “Migration and Local Development” project, conducted with the support of Switzerland during 2019-2022.

For more information, please contact: Tatiana Solonari, Communications Officer, UNDP Moldova ‘Migration and Local Development’ Project, tatiana.solonari@undp.org, tel: 0693 77 215, 022-820-840