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UNDP Moldova selects partner communities and Hometown Associations to contribute to local development


Republic of Moldova creates a new model for migrants’ participation in the economic development of hometown communities

26 March 2019 – UNDP Moldova launches a competition of preselection of 35 communities that will be the beneficiaries of the second phase of “Migration and Local Development” project, financed by Government of Switzerland, and implemented during 2019-2022.

From 35 preselected communities, 25 of them will benefit from 60,000 USD co-financing each for implementing economic development projects.

“Three out of ten Moldovan citizens are abroad. This phenomenon deprives localities from their contribution. That`s why in its second phase, our project is focused on economic development initiatives, with Diaspora`s involvement,” said Oxana Maciuca, project manager of the UNDP “Migration and Local Development” project.

The Government of Switzerland via UNDP aims to boost Diaspora’s involvement in local development. That is why the creation and development of active Hometown Associations at local level will be sustained via two grant programs: “Hometown Associations Accelerator” and “Hometown Associations Incubator”. These two programs will be running annually each year during the project’s implementation period.

For the “Hometown Associations Accelerator” program, registered associations can apply, with demonstrated one-year activity. At least 15 migrants` initiatives will be supported yearly, with 10,000 USD each, based on a 1 + 1 formula (the grant’s value has to be equal with migrants` contribution), within the available budget

The ”Hometown Associations Incubator” will support initiative groups and newly created associations or those that are in process of creation. Each year, up to 20 grants of 1,000 USD each will be offered for small local initiatives` implementation.

“During 2015-2018, UNDP contributed to the development of 38 hometown association. This brought a multiplier effect, because other 100 initiatives were created via local authorities’ and Diaspora’s initiatives. We are confident that these associations, once initiated and empowered, could implement projects that would generate income for citizens,” said Oxana Maciuca.

To clarify questions, UNDP will conduct four information session for the North, Centre, South and Gagauzia Regions. More details will be further communicated via the Congress of Local Authorities in Moldova.

The deadline for application for all three calls is 25th of April, 5 PM.

For additional information contact: Tatiana Solonari, Communication Officer, UNDP “Migration and Local Development” Project in Moldova, tatiana.solonari@undp.org, tel: 022-820-840; 069377215.