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ALDA is now a member of the EESC Liaison Group

07.10.2019     www.alda-europe.eu

ALDA has proudly become a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Liaison Group. The Liaison Group was set up by EESC in 2004 in order to “provide a framework for political dialogue and cooperation between the EESC and the European organisations and networks the Group liaises with, as well as other EU institutions, on cross-cutting issues of common interest”.

The main task of the Liaison Group is to strengthen the links between various European civil society organizations and to provide them with space for a constructive dialogue concerning the EU agenda. 
By establishing vertical civil dialogue with civil society organizations and EU institutions, the Liaison Groups allows them to influence the decision-making process on the European level. The Liaison Groups also provides a forum for civil society organizations to meet and discuss issues relevant to them by inviting them the round table and hence, initiating horizontal civil dialogue. Results of the discussions are then transformed into proposals influencing the EU agenda regarding civil society organizations and their essential interest. 
ALDA is very proud to become a member and enter their network and thus take the promotion of civil dialogue and support of citizens‘ concerns a step further, on the European level.